Neal Abramson

I love writing. It has enabled me to get more clear than I’ve ever been about what’s in my heart and my head.

I started seriously writing when I was incarcerated. I kept a diary that I wrote in every day. That diary  kept me going.  If you’ve seen the movie Castaway, it was my Wilson, my friend. It helped me discover who I was, and it was the beginning of my writing career.

After I got a Bachelor in English Literature and a Masters in Creative Writing, I began writing my own book, which was published in 2019.

As I taught English at the college level and continued my own writing, I also helped others edit their stories and books.

I know I can help you get your book written and edited. It would be my pleasure.

Please contact me for a discovery session. It’s free. And whether or not, you choose me to help you with the process, I guarantee you will discover something you didn’t know about your own writing process and the book you want to write.


Here’s the link to my book on Amazon, if you’re interested in seeing what reivewers have to say about my own writing. 

And here’s a link to set up an appointment with me.