Book Coaching Services


The coaching I do is very individualized, so the first step would be for us to speak to figure out what would be the best next steps for you.

If you’re in the beginning stages, we’ll work together to clarify your main message and to uncover your other related messages.

If you already have pages and are not sure about how to organize your chapters (or you’re just not doing this), I can help you move forward from wherever you at this stage. This is the structure stage. I’ll help you get your chapters in order and in a solid structure, so that you take your readers on the journey you wan them to be on.

No matter what stage your writing is in–even if all you have is an idea–I can helpo you go from where you are to finished book–a book that you will be proud of.


Editing is to ensure that your writing is speaking from the correct voice, your word choice fits, and that your language is right for your audience. This is a simplistic way of explaining what editing is. But you think of it as making sure that all the parts of your writing are working together to take your reader on the journey you want them to be on.

Of course, everyone’s book is different. And it is best what you have and then decide on what editing is needed and how to proceed.

To do that, just have a free call with me and we can figure it out.  


You can read the same sentence over and over and not even see there’s a mistake because you’re reading it the way you “think” it should be. This is where a proofreader is worth their weight in gold. Having another set of eyes to make sure there are no typos, misspelled words, incorrect punctuation, and mistakes in formatting is necessary before any book is ready for publication. My goal for your book is that it is perfect in grammar and punctuation and professionally laid out. 

The next best step is to schedule a call with me to talk about the proofreading your book needs to be ready for publication.