April is Stress Awareness Month

Boy, am I aware that April is Stress Awareness Month because I’m experiencing stress even as I write this. It’s great that we have a whole month to learn about and focus on stress and how to...

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Living a Life You Love Is Doable

It's Doable It's important to understand how you've been getting in your own. It's important to know the things you tell yourself--those thoughts and beliefs--that keep you where you are in...

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Writing Your First Blob

Yes, I said blob. It was original a typo, but then I thought it really is a blob. It's a blob because it's a creature from my mind. And it's initially an unformed creature--a blob if you will....

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The author of You Can Choose Your Life: A Guide to Experiencing More Peace, Freedom, and Happiness Right Now turned his life around when he was juvenile delinquent and many times thereafter and is still doing so. He knows we all get a second and third chance. N.G. gave up what was turning into a life of crime to get three degrees and become an academic advisor at a large community college.