It’s Doable

It’s important to understand how you’ve been getting in your own. It’s important to know the things you tell yourself–those thoughts and beliefs–that keep you where you are in life. Yes, it will take work to reveal them and then deal with them, but it is doable And you can do it.

The next question is “Are you willing?” Because stuff is going to come up that you may not like.

You can understand yourself better and understand how you have been getting in your own way, so you can start changing your thoughts and behaviors and start getting out of your own way.

That’s a fact.

You got to understand why you’re not growing according to those standards you set? What those standards really mean to you? And you need to look at the ways you may be growing that you haven’t been very conscious of. There’s a lot to look at, especially something I call “your internal conversations” that is the things you tell yourself that keep you stuck exactly where you are.

And you really can’t do this looking–it’s really an exploration more than anything else–by yourself. You’re just not going to be that objective. You’re not going to be that honest with yourself because if you were, you wouldn’t be stuck.

But I’m sure you can figure some things out on your own, Most of us, however, need some outside support. It doesn’t really matter where you get it as long as the people you get it from will really have you looking at why you’re not growing more without being afraid of hurting your feelings. In other words, you want to find people who are going to tell you the truth about what they see about you. You also want to find people who are going to fully explore why growing is so important to you because it’s not that important for everyone.

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